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AFDAL KABIL'S STORY: His registered name translates from Arabic to FIRST BEST FRIEND which certainly fit his personality perfectly. Kabil is a desert bred Egyptian Arabian who like so many before him has been misunderstood by the western world. Elizabeth first came into contact with Kabil at an arabian breeding farm in Brighton, CO where the owner of the farm's wife could not manage him and the owner of the farm gave Kabil to Elizabeth. The two of them became inseperable for a great many years when Elizabeth was first starting training horses, so in a sense they taught each other the ropes.
Since then Kabil has mastered Gymkana, 3 day eventing, being a cow horse, all day fence repair trips( very durable horse) and the love between trainer and horse as you well know I'm sure matches no other. But, times were tough for a while in Elizabeth's life and unfortunately Kabil had to be sold to one of her riding students. Upon his being sold a trainer who will be left unkown labeled Kabil as a man hater and he was put up for sale again. By God's works alone a friend of Elizabeth's unknown to her bought Kabil back for her about the time that Elizabeth had started dating Ray and she gave Kabil to Ray. So once again Kabil became a teacher only this time to Ray. He has been in their lives ever since and has left a mark on both of their lives that will never be forgotten. Kabil has also acted as a father figure and friend to many of the horses who were new in the pasture who were brought in for rehab. including our baby Sunshine who he weaned and who even now after his death visits the place where he died and sniffs the ground in mourning. (See our Equine Rehabilitation page for Sunshine's story and photograph.)

Elizabeth and Kabil

Ray and Kabil
In February of 1999 Kabil died of a heart attack at the age of 20, possibly brought on by the bastard strangles ( a virus that infects the horse as a weanling that is silent at the time and presents itself later in life in the intestinal tract as polyps that block the bowel tract)(9 out of 10 horses die from it) that he had 3 years before his death. This possibly weakened his heart for the rest of his life. Kabil is one of those horses who has truly been a best friend his whole life and whose personality has helped many starting out in the horse riding world feel comfortable with the idea of arabians as companions and excellent riding horses. He is and always will be missed. In loving tender memory of Kabil we have erected a memorial so that future horse lovers and generations will not forget him. His courage, integrity, and loyalty have changed our lives forever and this rehab may not have gone forward without his influence.