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Smoky was drugged and sold to a first-time horse owner. A gelding, Smoky had an occluded testicle (cryptorchid), which caused him to act with the aggressiveness of a stallion. He was unmanageable. A vet offered to "treat" Smoky by selling him to the killers for $500.00

CSU, working with FBF Ranch as a longtime, credible, reputable rehab facility, operated on Smoky and laparascopically removed the remaining testicle. After training and rehab work, Smoky has found a happy home without behavioral problems.
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We work with and support in full cooperation with all federal, state, city, private agencies, or citizens who have the primary goal to preserve, protect and defend all abused, neglected and abandoned animals (horses.) Donations for this work are accepted on location. Adoptions are also accepted on location. All potential adoptions are subject to a thorough screening process. Minimal adoption fee or donation. Our spiritual tradition is to be fully self-supporting through our own services!!!

Not ready to adopt? Pick a horse and be a sponsor! $100.00 covers feed and care, $200.00 covers feed, care, and medical costs. Receive monthly reports and photos of progress (physical, mental, emotional and overall well-being of sponsored horse.) A great way to help!

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Our special thanks and gratitude to ALL of those on and off this list who have contributed greatly to the God given lives of these innocent horses that have fallen prey and victim to dishonorable human beings.

Joan Rose McNamara, Conifer, CO; Linda Yerbick, Conifer, CO; Husler Magazine and Staff, Pine Jct. CO; Dr. Steve Long, Golden, CO; Colorado State University Equine Teaching Hospital; Lark and Drew McCoy, CO; Bill and Michell Fountain, Conifer, CO; Intermountain Humane Society, Conifer, CO; Lone Rock Vet, Pine, CO; Kevin and Mary Dennison, Pine Jct., CO; Jennifer Walker, Conifer, CO; Amanda, Kenny, Virginia A. Valenti-Babcock, Global Propane, Bailey CO; Elk Run Pony Club, Conifer, CO; Jennifer Hack Bailey, CO; Kessie Buckannon, Boulder, CO; Judy Parker, Parker, CO; Dee Overholt, Pine Jct CO; Ann Breckenridge, Conifer, CO; Kevin and Debbie Bredison, J.C. and Dianne Johnson of Conifer, CO; Christy Cotton, Conifer, CO; the Askews Family, Evergreen, CO; Golden Animal Hospital - Dana, Jeff, Gary, Pollaro, Jamie, Amy and the secretarial staff. Debbie Fara and Dave, Denver, CO; Cheryl and Jean, Conifer, CO; Bob and Elaine Burr, Conifer, CO; The Doucetts Family, Littleton, CO.

We will never forget the hundreds of people who have bought hay, breedings, transports and all other services, a portion of the proceeds of which help the horses in need and continues the work.